Safety Transportation Program

Valet Park of America (VPA) operates a safety transportation program to help WPI community members travel safely to and from Campus. This program is available to students and employees and is free-of-charge. VPA operates clearly marked seven and fourteen passenger shuttle vans equipped with the latest technology and campus police radio communication. 



Valet Park 7- Passenger Vehicle

Guidelines for use:

  • When boarding shuttles, riders must present their WPI ID.
  • Service is available for use within a one-mile radius of 100 Institute Road.
  • Services are provided for use to/from:
    • campus and off-campus housing.
    • campus and campus locations.
    • CVS, located at 44 West Boylston Street, during business hours only.
    • Price Chopper, located at 221-222 Park Ave, during business hours only.
    • Union Station, located at 2 Washington Square, for the purposes of travel during business hours only.
  • Service is not provided for transportation to / from restaurants, bars, commercial, properties, shopping centers, etc.
  • Service is not provided for transportation to / from an off-campus residence to another off-campus residence.
  • Transportation of drugs or alcohol on Valet Park shuttles is strictly prohibited. Riders will be denied entry to the shuttle and Campus Police will be summonsed to assist.

Valet Park Service for Academic Year 24-25

Valet Park will provide two shuttle services:

  • a daytime scheduled stop service and,
  • a nighttime "on demand" service.

No Service Dates:

  • Monday, September 2 (Labor day: no service for daytime shuttle only, nighttime will operate)


  • Thursday, November 28 (Thanksgiving Day)


  • Friday, November 29 (day after Thanksgiving: no service for daytime shuttle only, nighttime will operate)


  • Winter Break (December 13 through January 14)


  • Monday, January 20 (MLK Day: no service for daytime shuttle only, nighttime will operate)


  • Monday, April 21 (Patriot's Day: no service daytime shuttle only, nighttime will operate)


Nighttime shuttle service overview and hours of operation:

The nighttime shuttle will utilize “On Demand Shuttle Stops” which are strategically located across Campus, and at three off-campus locations. To access this safety program, you must download the TripShot app to order the nighttime shuttle. The app allows users to enter their pick-up location, select a drop-off destination, and then request the safety transport. The app also provides GPS tracking .These locations are programmed into the TripShot app and available for your selection. Either, or both of your “pick-up” or “drop off” location(s) must be from one of these “On Demand Shuttle Stop” locations; you will not be able to order the shuttle without choosing at least one of these locations.

• Beginning Thursday, August 22 and ending Friday, December 13

• Resuming Wednesday, January 15 and ending May 7 

• Operates seven nights a week.

• TripShot app will open for ride requests beginning at 6 p.m.

• TripShot app will close for ride requests at 2:30 a.m., service ends at 3:00 a.m.

1 Bartlett Center 174 West Street
2 Counseling Center 16 Einhorn Road
3 Dean Street Parking Lot 22 Dean Street 
4 Faraday Hall 10 Faraday Street
5 Elbridge House 16 Elbridge Street
6 Gateway Garage 12 Washburn Way
7 Goddard Hall 210 West Street @ Corner of Goddard Hall and Olin Hall
8 Gordon Library 209 West Street
9 H. Carr Throws Facility 51 Massachusetts Avenue, across from Alumni Stadium
10 Mass Academy & 85 Prescott St. 85 Prescott Street Main Entrance
11 Morgan Square 90 Institute Road, across from Stoddard B
12 Rec Center Rotary@ Park Ave Garage 151 Park Avenue / 151 Salisbury Street
13 15 Sagamore Road 15 Sagamore Road
14 WPI Townhouses 79-81 Park Avenue
15 Unity Hall Lower entrance at 27 Boynton Street
16 West Street Parking Lot 160 West Street, corner of West and Institute Streets
South Village    
17 6 Oak House 6 Oak Street
18 48 Sever Street Sever Street by Marston Way
19 South Village Campus Center 44 West Street
20 William Street parking lot 62 West Street 
Off- Campus    

CVS Pharmacy

*business hours only

44 West Boylston Street

Price Chopper Grocery Store

*business hours only

211 Park Ave

Union Station

*business hours only

2 Washington Square

Daytime shuttle service hours of operation:

  • Operates Monday through Friday only.


  • Riders are not required to request a ride through the TripShot app for the daytime shuttle.


  • Beginning Thursday, August 22 and ending Wednesday, May 7


  • Daytime Shuttle no service dates: 

    Fall Break ( 10/12/24 - 10/20/24 ), nighttime will operate

    Winter Break: ( 12/14/24 - 1/14/25 ) no services

    Spring Break ( 3/8/25 - 3/16/25 ), nighttime will operate


The daytime shuttle will offer scheduled stops to and from:

  • WPI Townhouses

  • Faraday Hall

  • 60 Prescott

  • Bartlett Center

  • 44 West Street; adjacent to South Village Student Center 

  • 48 Sever Street; adjacent to Marston A/B 

Please see the below schedule which lists shuttle departure times; the shuttle will arrive at each stop approximately one minute prior to departure*; please arrive on time and plan accordingly. 

Depart Townhouses


Faraday Hall


Bartlett Center


44 West Street


48 Sever Street


Bartlett and return to Townhouses

7:00am 7:05am 7:10am 7:12am 7:13am 7:20am
7:30am 7:35am 7:40am 7:42am 7:43am 7:50am
8:00am 8:05am 8:10am 8:12am 8:13am 8:20am
8:30am 8:35am 8:40am 8:42am 8:43am 8:50am
9:00am 9:05am 9:10am 9:12am 9:13am 9:20am
9:30am 9:35am 9:40am 9:42am 9:43am 9:50am
10:00am 10:05am 10:10am 10:12am 10:13am 10:20am
10:30am 10:35am 10:40am 10:42am 10:43am 10:50am
11:00am 11:05am 11:10am 11:12am 11:13am 11:20am
11:30am 11:35am 11:40am 11:42am 11:43am 11:50am
12:00pm 12:05pm 12:10pm 12:12pm 12:13pm 12:20pm
12:30pm 12:35pm 12:40pm 12:42pm 12:43pm 12:50pm
1:00pm 1:05pm 1:10pm 1:12pm 1:13pm 1:20pm
1:30pm 1:35pm 1:40pm 1:42pm 1:43pm 1:50pm
2:00pm 2:05pm 2:10pm 2:12pm 2:13pm 2:20pm
2:30pm 2:35pm 2:40pm 2:42pm 2:43pm 2:50pm
3:00pm 3:05pm 3:10pm 3:12pm 3:13pm 3:20pm
3:30pm 3:35pm 3:40pm 3:42pm 3:43pm 3:50pm
4:00pm 4:05pm 4:10pm 4:12pm 4:13pm 4:20pm
4:30pm 4:35pm 4:40pm 4:42pm 4:43pm 4:50pm
5:00pm 5:05pm 5:10pm 5:12pm 5:13pm 5:20pm
5:30pm 5:35pm 5:40pm 5:42pm 5:43pm 5:50pm

*Times may be affected by traffic and weather conditions*. 

Any questions and/or concerns please contact:

WPI Police

Lt. Karen Confer

VPA Safety Transportation Program Liaison