Enterprise Transformation is WPI's significant update of the existing technology infrastructure on campus. Once implemented, the project will dramatically improve processes and procedures across the university. 

This initiative will roll out over the next four years and touch every person on campus. Enterprise Transformation will improve the user experience for faculty, staff, and students while also providing the university with the cutting-edge security standards necessary at such a competitive, research-focused institution. 


Identity & Access Management

Data Management & Integration


Guiding Principles for Success

Best Practices

  • We will make decisions swiftly and through established governance.
  • We will follow best practices and adjust WPI’s processes as necessary to streamline and simplify.

Ease of Use & Efficiency

  • We will strive for easy to use solutions based on standardized & simplified processes.
  • We will buy, not build, applications whenever possible.

Change Management

  • We will provide support and training to make change as pain-free as possible.
  • We will communicate what we know when we know it.

We will simplify and streamline processes and use innovative tools to achieve our strategic goals.​


Questions, concerns, comments? Contact workday@wpi.edu.