Workday is an innovative, cloud-based platform for the modern and mobile workforce. It was developed as the first higher-education based human resource and financial management solution in the cloud, and it has expanded to include student functionality. Over the next three years, Workday will replace Banner, which runs many of our human resources, payroll, finance, grant, and student system processes.

Note: You will find FAQs, job aids (cheat sheets), and videos in the WPI Portal (see Training Materials > Workday).

Workday Guiding Principles for Success

Embrace Best Practices
  • As WPI makes the shift from Banner to Workday, we seek to implement business processes as delivered, unless there are significant and compelling reasons to do otherwise.

  • We streamline and simplify workflows wherever possible and design business processes with consistency and standardization in mind. 

  • We also build business processes with accountability in mind -- with appropriate controls and approvals for each process.

Enable Data-Driven Decision Making at Every Level of the Institution
  • Workday provides individuals with access to the consistent information, metrics, and reports they need to fulfill their responsibilities and reach their goals at WPI.

Work Toward Consensus Through Inclusion & Engagement
  • We are committed to making information about the project available to the WPI community via open lines of communication and dialogue, including a project website and periodic updates.

  • We invite members of the community to make suggestions about the project, share their ideas, and also share their concerns. We take the needs of the community seriously, and we consider all suggestions and comments. To make a suggestion, email

Prepare WPI for Future Growth and Success

The implementation of Workday is transforming the end-to-end processes that support student, faculty, and staff experiences. These changes to the way we do business will establish the technological platform that allows for continued growth and achievement of strategic priorities for many years to come. 

Why Workday?

  • Workday offers new and improved features and processes, including access to information from computers, tablets, and smart phones.
  • It allows us to move away from manual paper-based processes to automated online processes to help with growth and innovation.
  • It provides employees with the information they need to be effective and efficient.
  • It helps change culture so we can continue to innovate and achieve our strategic goals.
  • It allows WPI to leverage modern technology incorporating best practices.
  • It allows for more streamlined security measures and help WPI protect critical information.
  • It is an enabling system that supports teaching, learning, and administration. 

What's Changing with Workday?

  • Workday demoFaculty, staff, and student workers submit their own expense reports for reimbursement in Workday (students not employed by WPI will continue to use a paper form). We know this is a new process that affects almost everyone on campus, so there is a lot of ongoing support and training.

  • Students enter time in Workday. Managers or Time Keepers (Administrative Assistants) approve.

  • Hourly employees enter time in Workday. Only managers can approve.
  • All exempt employees submit time off requests (e.g., vacation, bereavement, personal, other) in Workday; only managers or alternates at an equal or higher level can approve in Workday.
  • Daily grant fund balances are available directly to the PI in Workday.
  • STARS and Bank of America went away; WPI P-card expense information is automatically available for expense reporting in Workday.
  • Pay dates for hourly employees shifted to Fridays.