Change Management

What Will Enterprise Transformation Change?

As a major implementation of new systems, Enterprise Technology will change the way things are done on campus. The result will be a better way of operating--from the student projects that will be organized in a comprehensive electronic format to standardizing definitions of common personnel terms (like full-time employee). The applications are mobile-friendly, secure, and intuitive, so students, faculty, and staff will find they can complete tasks faster and with the reassurance that they are keeping WPI's valuable data safe no matter where they are in the world.

Change Management

Change is never easy and we understand that change this significant can raise many questions. We are committed to keeping the community informed throughout this multi-year effort. As such, the University has created a Change Management Advisory Board to assist with managing the change that will occur.

This board is charged with developing a plan to build awareness so that all members of the community understand what changes are coming and when. Highlights of these changes include:

  • Roadshow with faculty and staff to explain what the Enterprise Transformation initiative is and how it will impact staff.
  • Communications in WPI Today and the Daily Herd to provide updates on the project.
  • ITS updates to provide details on where we are in the project and key changes employees should be aware of.
  • Demos and training to help employees understand what the system looks like.
Change Management Advisory Board

Kristin Tichenor
Jeffrey Solomon
Bruce Bursten
Maureen Deiana
Alana Dros
Patrick Hitchcock
Michelle Jones-Johnson
Eleanor Loiacono
Rienhold Ludwig
Stacie Murray
Patricia Patria
Craig Shue
Susan Spies
John Sullivan
Kris Sullivan

Leading Change (article)

8 Steps for Leading Change in your organization (handout)

How to navigate change

  • Listen openly, reflect concerns, and offer support and solutions ​if you can.
  • Suspend judgment of others​; paths through change are highly individual and people progress through changes at different rates.
  • Accept your own reaction to change​; be kind to yourself​!
  • Stay positive​; focus on benefits whenever you can. 
  • Provide feedback​ and engage your problem-solving skills.
  • Contact us; we are here to help!

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