Data Management & Integration

As computer systems undergo change, one of the top concerns is always access to, accuracy of, and safety and security of data and information. As WPI’s Enterprise Transformation begins implementation, the Data Management & Integration project will focus on the consolidation all disparate data within the university to a centralized cloud-based data hub. The massive project helps corral all the data at WPI and store it in one place that will become the University’s system of record.

Why Data Management & Integration? 

  • The Data Management & Integration project will allow WPI to consolidate data from different systems like Banner, Workday, Salesforce, and others into one central repository for operational and historical reporting.
  • Once completed, this initiative will allow WPI to have one source of data. Currently the same type of information exists in separate areas of the university including places like Banner and Salesforce. If all the information is not updated at the same time, discrepancies can cause problems with inconsistent information.
  • The first phase includes pulling data from Workday for operating reporting in the human resources and finance areas.