Enterprise Transformation, WPI’s major technology infrastructure update, will impact employees first, but students and their families will also notice big improvements, especially as it relates to eProjects. Our current eProjects infrastructure is getting a major overhaul, and will be moving to a new centralized and comprehensive tracking, storing, and sorting system.

Why eProjects 2.0? 

  • The complete overhaul of the eProjects system changes nearly every aspect of how a student requests, chooses, is matched with, and records final project materials for anything from an IQP to a Great Problems Seminar. The new process will streamline things for both students and faculty.
  • As WPI’s global projects program has grown and as technology becomes more advanced, it has been increasingly difficult to accurately and effectively track and record projects. This new system will resolve this problem.
  • This new system will manage IQPs and MQPs from the initial project proposal to the point where the project is electronically archived.
  • Visit eprojects.wpi.edu for: