Identity & Access Management

A key component of our Enterprise Transformation project is to implement a new Identity & Access Management (IAM) system. This focus the IAM initiative will be strengthen WPI’s security and will take into consideration who needs access, why they need it, and granting access when it’s appropriate. With a global increase in hacker activity and increased threats to WPI employees, systems and networks, educating users and securing WPI’s assets is crucial.

Why Identity & Access Management? 

  • When moving to a cloud based ERP, it is critical to add extra levels of security to ensure that accounts can’t be easily comprised. Hackers who gain access to WPI systems could capture private human resources, financial, grant, or other security information.
  • For WPI faculty and students who travel around the world, IAM offers extra layers of protection.
  • Granting access to the hundreds of different systems used at WPI is very complicated; IAM should simplify this process.
  • This new system will give us access to two key pillars of information that we don’t have now; SSO (single sign-on) consolidation and identity governance. Both will help the institution with continued growth and innovation.