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Our strategic plan builds on the following foundational elements of WPI’s community:


Our Core Purpose1:

WPI’s mission is to create, discover, and convey knowledge at the frontiers of technological academic inquiry for the betterment of society.


Who We Are and What We Stand For2:

As passionate educators and scholars, we are:

  • Distinctive – We embrace high-impact educational practices, perform groundbreaking research and innovation, value rigor and data-driven analysis, and deliver impact in communities worldwide.
  • Inclusive – We value the diversity of thought, culture, and perspective that our students, faculty, alumni and partners bring to our shared goals and mission.
  • Steadfast – We make lasting commitments to the WPI community around the globe.

As bold innovators, we are:

  • Courageous – We take on grand challenges and ask tough questions to shape the future of technological higher education and research.
  • Strategic – We educate leaders with entrepreneurial and global mindsets to approach challenges with the curiosity and courage needed to improve the human condition.
  • Dynamic – We seek to understand and adapt to evolving opportunities to make an impact on our students and the world; we embrace disruptive technologies and are a force in transformative paradigms.

As dedicated leaders, we are:

  • Driven – We continuously focus on delivering the highest value education and scholarship.
  • Catalysts – We enable tangible outcomes and measureable success as we advance our mission worldwide.
  • Impactful – We make a positive difference for our students and in communities around the world.

Vision—Our Picture of the Ideal Future3

WPI – The Global Polytechnic

  • We are the global leader in project-based higher education.
  • We engage in transformative and important research.
  • We demonstrate our positive impact on the planet and communities around the world.
  • Our faculty, students, staff, alumni and partners are recognized for their contribution to improving the human condition and expanding economic prosperity.
  • We are a strong, inclusive community that enjoys working and learning together and celebrating success.

1Adapted from the WPI mission adopted by the Board of Trustees May 22, 1987, The Mission of WPI
2 Synopsis of work done by faculty and staff during presidential listening sessions 6/25/14–10/15/14; taken from summary documents
Resulting initiatives from Ignite Team retreat sessions 11/13/14, 11/24/14, and 1/7/15–1/8/15