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Daniels Hall

Daniels Hall

First Year Residence

Daniels Hall is first-year student housing, located on the main campus, and comprised of shared bedrooms. Each floor has common areas and shared gendered bathrooms. Laundry facilities are also available for residents.

 Administrative offices are located on the first floor (current offices and departments in this building are listed below). Located within a short, indoor walking distance is Pulse On Dining (POD), the all you care to eat dining facility on campus, as well as the “wedge” gathering space with tables, chairs, and lounge furniture for all students to study and relax.

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Offices and Departments

Title Email Phone
Military Science 508-831-5268

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who lives in Daniels Hall?

    This is a first year student building.

  • How many student staff members are in the building?

    6 Resident Advisors (RAs) work in Daniels Hall.

  • What type of building is Daniels Hall?
    • A corridor style building with shared bedrooms.
  • What are the amenities in the building?
    • Common room lounge areas on each floor.
    • 2 gendered bathrooms on each floor.
    • Laundry facilities are located in the basement.
  • Is a residential meal plan required in Daniels Hall?

    Residents of Daniels are required to have a residential meal plan – either a 14, 19, 200 or VIP plan.

  • What is provided for furniture/appliances?
    • Bedrooms are outfitted with a bed, desk, desk chair, wardrobe, and dresser for each resident. 
    • Daniels wardrobes have a shelf, hanging bar for clothes, and a door.
    • ​All WPI furniture must remain in the room.
    • Common rooms are outfitted with soft seating (for example – couches, chairs, etc.) and with TV/Tech connections
    • Elevator access
  • Can beds be de-lofted?
    • Beds in Daniels Hall are bunked above the desk.  Residents are NOT allowed to de-loft beds, or remove them from their bunked setup. If residents do so they will incur a damage billing fee to their student account.
    • Only students with an accommodation through the Office of Accessibility Services will receive permission to have their beds de-lofted by professional movers if no other space that meets the accommodation is available.
  • Does Daniels Hall have air conditioning?

    Daniels Hall does not have air conditioning in the building.  Residents are encouraged to bring fans for their space.  Personal air conditioners are not permitted.

Daniels Hall

Daniels Hall

Group of students studying in the common area of the dorm
Daniels Hall
Group of boys talking in the dorm room
Group of students talking in the room
Students in the laundry room
Students hanging out at Wedge
Students studying at the wedge

Room Style 1

View from center of Daniels Hall room
Photo of lofted bed
Photo of closet included in Daniels Hall rooms
Photo from center of room in Daniels Hall
Photo of lofted bed
Photo of lofted bed
Full panoramic view of Daniels Hall room
View of Daniels Hall from the perspective of the window side of room
Corner angle view of Daniels Hall room