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This is Where Leaders are Born - Bay State Leads the Way!

For the men and women enrolled in Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC), becoming the best officers they can be is just the beginning. They also learn life skills that can help them succeed academically and gain an edge in their chosen careers.

ROTC is an educational program that teaches students to excel in small group leadership, and it instills strong moral values, a warrior and fitness ethos, and much more. Joining Army ROTC means a guaranteed job in the US Army after college. Upon completing their studies, cadets serve as officers in the Army, performing a variety of jobs and gaining hands-on managerial experience that’s simply nowhere else.

Find out why it has been called, “The Best Leadership Course in America!”

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Our Locations

Main Office: 27 Hackfeld Rd.

Supply Room: Daniels Hall, Basement

Class Room: Daniels Hall, Basement


Drawing Cadets from Throughout Central Massachusetts

Cadets from most of Worcester Consortium colleges and universities, as well as Fitchburg State University and UMass Lowell make up what is known as the Bay State Battalion. Headquartered at WPI, this unit prides itself on turning motivated and intelligent Cadets into educated and well-rounded officers.

The Bay State Battalion typically maintains an average enrollment of 80-100 cadets. Depending on their academic year, Cadets attend Military Science classes at WPI, UMass Lowell  and Fort Devens. Cadets conduct physical training three times a week on campus at WPI or UMASS Lowell. Battalion Leadership labs are conducted monthly at Fort Devens’ premier training facilities. 

Decide to Lead as an Army Officer.

Leadership is not innate, it’s a decision you make. Decide to lead as an Army Officer.

Fate doesn’t control your leadership abilities, you do. Decide to Lead as an Army Officer.

No other career path gives you leadership instruction so tested, so successful, so early. Decide to Lead as an Army Officer.

The Officer path allows you to grow alongside a diverse team with common goals while fostering bonds that last a lifetime. Decide to Lead as an Army Officer.

Reasons to Join Army ROTC

Defy Expectations ... Even Your Own.

Top 10 Reasons to Join Army ROTC

  • Competitive Scholarship Benefits.
  • Receive a $420 Monthly Stipend.
  • Build Leadership Skills.
  • Participate in Adventure Training.
  • Internship Opportunities.
  • Improve Your Physical Fitness.
  • Serve A Cause Bigger Than Yourself.
  • Well Paying Job After Graduation with Great Benefits.
  • A Wide Variety of Career Paths to Choose From.
  • It’s Fun!

To learn more about the benefits of joining Army ROTC contact Darryl Gill at 508-831-6182 or

Rise To The Challenge. Army ROTC Will Get You There.

Did you know …

  • You can try Army ROTC before making a commitment.
  • Army ROTC offers 2-, 3- and 4-year scholarships.
  • Once contracted, you will earn $420 monthly stipend for 10 months each year.
  • Learn critical leadership skills required for success in the 21st century.
  • Compete for internships and adventure training opportunities. 

To learn more about the benefits of joining Army ROTC contact Darryl Gill at 508-831-6182 or

Step Forward and Make A Difference. Join Army ROTC to Develop Your Leadership Style.

Join Army ROTC to work with and learn from exceptional Army leaders who exemplify the attributes needed for successful leadership in the 21st century.

Army Leader Attributes

  • Character
  • Empathy
  • Discipline
  • Presence
  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Mental Agility
  • Interpersonal Tact
  • Expertise
  • Develops others
  • Creates a Positive Environment
  • Builds Trust
  • Extends Influence
  • Leads by Example

To learn more about the benefits of joining Army ROTC contact Darryl Gill at 508-831-6182 or

Become a Leader in the Army - and in Life

Meet Our Students

Kellie Bushe '24
Kellie Bushe '24
BS, Biomedical Engineering (Pre-Medicine)

As a pre-med and ROTC student, Kellie meets any challenge that comes her way, both inside and outside the classroom.  [...]

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Luka Christianson ‘24
Luka Christianson ‘24
BS, Mechanical Engineering

Luka’s dedication to his studies, ROTC, and athletics has helped him develop his leadership and teamwork skills, both on and off the field[...]

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Edward Flanagan ‘24
Edward Flanagan ‘24
BS, Mechanical Engineering

For ROTC student Eddie, teamwork and interacting with a variety of people have made him a better student and athlete.  [...]

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Cadets in the field at FT Devens

Click here to read about the Bay State Battalion Cadets training at Fort Devens. Our partnership with the Reserve Forces Training Area Devens allows our Cadets to regularly utilize their premier training facilities, giving them a competitive edge.  

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David Heebner '67

For David Heebner ’67, lieutenant general, U.S. Army retired, being “all you can be” isn’t a slogan. It’s one of life’s primary guidelines for having impact. 

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