Become a Leader in the Army—and in Life

For the men and women enrolled in Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC), becoming the best officers they can be is just the beginning. They also learn life skills that can help them succeed academically and gain an edge in their chosen careers.

ROTC is an educational program that teaches students to excel in small group leadership, and it instills strong moral values, a warrior and fitness ethos, and much more. Joining Army ROTC means a guaranteed job in the US Army after college. Upon completing their studies, cadets serve as officers in the Army, performing a variety of jobs and gaining hands-on managerial experience that’s simply nowhere else.

Interested in joining? Contact the Army ROTC Office at (508) 831-5268 today.

Drawing Cadets from Throughout Central Massachusetts

Cadets from all Worcester Consortium colleges and universities, plus Fitchburg and Framingham State Universities, Daniel Webster College, and UMass Lowell make up what is known as the Bay State Battalion. Headquartered at WPI, this unit prides itself on turning motivated and intelligent Cadets into educated and well-rounded officers.

The Bay State Battalion typically trains 90-120 cadets each year. All Cadets attend their Military Science classes and Battalion labs at WPI, though Fitchburg State University and UMass Lowell Cadets conduct their own physical training with approximately 20-40 Cadets each. The 50-60 students of the Worcester Consortium schools do their physical training at WPI.


Cadets taking the oath, with retired Gen. Paul G. Smith at left. alt
Cadets taking the oath, with retired Gen. Paul G. Smith at left.
October 01, 2019

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