East Hall

Upper Class Residence

Located on WPI’s lower campus, state-of-the-art East Hall provides apartment-style housing and an eco-friendly environment for about 230 upper-class students. The LEED Gold–certified building also features sensor lighting, environmentally sensitive furniture, water-efficient laundry machines, a recycling room, green cleaning products, and dedicated indoor bike storage.

Additionally, several student support services are located in the building, including the Housing & Residential Experience Center and ID Services.

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East Hall


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Suite Style 2

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who lives in East Hall housing?

Upper-class Undergraduate Students

How many student staff members are in East Hall?

4 Resident Advisors (RA) work with East Hall, 1 RA per floor.

What type of building is East Hall?
  • An apartment-style building with a kitchen, living room, and bathroom in each unit.  Mostly 4 person apartments – some with 4 single bedrooms and some with 2 single bedrooms and 1 double bedroom.
  • There are 4 studio single apartments in the building.
What are the amenities in East Hall housing?
  • Air conditioning/heating units
  • East Hall has one tech suite on floors two through five
  • Multiple tech suites on the first floor
  • Laundry room, located on first floor
  • 2 music rooms with pianos
  • Card access bike storage room
  • Trash and recycling room on every floor
Do tech suites need to be reserved in East Hall housing?

Tech suites are on a first come, first serve basis.  If a space is open and available, residents are permitted to use the space without a reservation.

Is a meal plan required in East Hall housing?

Residents of East Hall are not required to have a residential meal plan because the apartments have kitchens. Residents can choose to purchase a voluntary plan if desired.

What is provided for furniture/appliances in East Hall housing?
  • Bedrooms are outfitted with a bed, desk, desk chair, and dresser for each resident.  East Hall closets are open facing closets with a shelf and hanging bar for clothing.
  • Living rooms are outfitted with soft seating (for example – couch, chair, etc.).
  • Kitchens are outfitted with a refrigerator and stove.
Is kitchenware (pots, pans, silverware, etc.) provided for residents in East Hall housing?

Kitchenware is not provided for residents.  Residents are encouraged to work together to determine who will bring specific items for the year.

Can beds be lofted or bunked in East Hall housing?
  • Beds in East Hall are able to be bunked.  Residents need to ask for pins to bunk the bed, but are responsible for un-bunking the bed at the end of the year and returning the pins to the Housing & Residential Experience Center.
  • Beds cannot be lofted and lofting equipment is not provided.
Are beds adjustable in East Hall housing?

All beds in East Hall can be adjusted up or down.  Residents are responsible for adjusting the bed height.  Beds can be adjusted to the top level, allowing the dresser to fit underneath the bed.

East Hall Apartments - 4 Singles

East Hall Apartments - 2 Singles & 1 Double



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