The U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force offer training in more than 160 officer career specialties, including:

Aircraft - pilot, navigator, maintenance 

Space & Missiles - satellite operations, missile launch operations, maintenance 

Intelligence - Office of Special Investigations, foreign area officer 

Engineering - research, development, technical management in various engineering fields 

Science – scientist, mathematics, nuclear physics, metallurgy, meteorology, chemist 

Computer Science - programming, systems analysis, development 

Health Services - physician, dentist, nurse 

Special Operations – munitions control, combat rescue, special tactics  

Management - logistics readiness, security forces, personnel, air traffic control, supply, finance, contracting, acquisitions, communications, electronics, munitions, attorney

Space Force Career fields include Space Operations, Intelligence, Cyber Operations, Developmental Engineer, and Acquisitions. More information on Space Force careers can be found here and here.


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Career Opportunities

The Air Force offers training in more than 160 officer career specialties.