This traditional program is the more popular choice. Here, the first two years are known as the General Military Course (GMC). Classes meet one hour a week and are required for freshmen and sophomores. There is no military obligation for the first two years of Air Force ROTC unless a student has an Air Force ROTC scholarship.

Students who successfully complete the GMC compete nationwide for entry into the Professional Officers Course (POC), which meets three hours a week and is required for juniors and seniors. Officer candidates in the POC (and on scholarship) receive a nontaxable subsistence allowance of up to $500 a month. In addition, qualified officer candidates attend the Air Force ROTC field training program between their sophomore and junior years.


Students may also choose an accelerated three-year option, which shortens the standard four-year program by condensing the General Military Course (GMC) from two years to one. This option gives students the flexibility to begin AFROTC in their sophomore year (or junior year with one year of graduate study).

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