Requirements & Joining AFROTC

To Be Eligible for Commissioning in the
Air and Space Forces of the Department
of the Air Force, and Become a Member
of ROTC, Prospective Cadets Must Be:

  • Enrolled full-time in an accredited college that hosts—or has a cross-town agreement with—an AFROTC detachment
  • Participating in both the Aerospace Studies class and Leadership Lab each semester
  • Aged 14 or older (minimum age for enlistment is 17; minimum age for commissioning is 18; maximum commissioning age is 30)
  • Of good moral character
Location: 37 Institute Road
Phone: 508-831-5747
Fax: 508-831-6662

Continuing In the Program Requires:

Yearly Requirements

  • Freshman: Foundations of the USAF (AS 1001/1002/1003/1004)
  • Sophomore: The Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power (AS 2001/2002/2003/2004)
  • Junior: Air Force Leadership Studies (AS 3001/3002/3003/3004)
  • Senior: National Security Affairs (AS 4001/4002/4003/4004)
  • Leadership Laboratory - held most weeks throughout the academic year based on the host university's academic calendar

Joining AFROTC at Det 340

  • All Prospective Cadets: If you are planning on joining AFROTC and will be attending college in the next year or are already a college student please contact Det 340 at
    • The cadre will put you on the New Student Orientation Program (NSOP) roster, allowing you to stay informed on upcoming requirements for AFROTC enrollment.
  • In High School: 
    • Consider applying for a High School Scholarship
      • Scholarship Application Window is open July 1 through December 31
    • If you are outside of the Scholarship Application Window, applied but did not receive a scholarship offer, or do not initially meet the High School Scholarship application requirements you can still join Det 340 by doing the following:
  • Freshman: Enroll in Foundations of the USAF and Leadership Lab
  • Sophomore: Enroll in Foundations of the USAF, The Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power, and Leadership Lab
  • Junior: Due to the minimum AFROTC program being a three-year option, students in their junior year must plan on an additional year of graduate studies. Please contact if this applies to you.
  • Senior: Due to the minimum AFROTC program being a three-year option, students in their senior year are ineligible for enrollment and completion of AFROTC. Upon earning your undergraduate degree you would however have the option of earning a commission as an officer in the United States Air Force through Officer Training School (OTS). The competitive and selective nature of OTS requires applicants to be high performers in academics, athletics, and extra curriculars if they seek to be accepted into the program.