Prospective Graduate Students

New Chemical Engineering Course Bridges a Science Background and Engineering Future

Connecting your science background with a career in engineering shouldn’t add years to achieving your career goals. WPI’s new Pathway to Chemical Engineering course helps you bridge your science skills to an advanced chemical engineering degree program in one semester.

This intensive semester-long course offers the fundamental engineering skills you’ll need for graduate-level studies without the time and expense of completing additional undergraduate engineering courses. The coursework focuses on three distinct areas of study so you can grasp the concepts in your engineering courses and qualify for graduate-level work.

Areas of Study

  • Thermodynamics
  • Kinetics and reactor design
  • Transport phenomenons​

With an MS or PhD in Chemical Engineering, you’ll be ready to launch a career as a leader in industries seeking chemical engineers, such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical manufacturing, advanced materials, chemicals, medical devices, and the energy sector.

The Pathway to Chemical Engineering is designed specifically for those without a chemical engineering undergraduate background. It opens up your career opportunities by jumpstarting your advanced engineering degree and getting you into the job market faster.

You’ll gain skills that will transfer from the lab to industrial settings, such as

making essential connections between emerging drug developments and scaling the complex engineering processes necessary to get a product to market,

making greener chemicals and materials, or

making discoveries for using clean energy to meet the growing demand for power worldwide.

For more information or application information, contact Professor Aaron Deskins,