Machine Shop

The Goddard Hall Machine Shop

The Goddard Hall Machine Shop serves the Department of Chemical Engineering and, time permitting, anyone on campus in need of custom machining, electronics assistance and equipment repairs.

In support of Research at WPI, we work with our researchers to help design and build custom scientific apparatuses. While our primary focus is on Chemical Engineering, we routinely help all members of the WPI community.     

For student’s MQPs, we assist with material selection, design, and fabrication. We instruct students in the operation of shop tools, machine required parts, and help with the design and fabrication of electronic components.

For the Chemical Engineering Unit Operations Lab, we provide safety oversight, maintain the equipment and apparatuses, provide student instruction on use of the equipment and safety procedures, and provide instruction and assistance with the X-Ray Diffraction and Scanning Electron Microscope.    

The Goddard Hall Machine Shop is not a “student” shop. The machining is done by our trained and experienced staff, including our student workshop assistant. Students can, under supervision, use the shop benches, hand tools, and ancillary equipment for their projects. Advice and instruction is always available.       


Machine Shop Staff

From right to left:

Tom Partington, machinist

Doug White, electrical engineer

Cory Brolliar, shop assistant



  • Milling machines (2-axis CNC vertical, and manual vertical)
  • Engine lathes (9” and a 14.5” swing)
  • Band saws (vertical and horizontal) 
  • Drill press
  • Hand grinder 
  • Belt sander
  • Small sheet metal shear
  • Small finger brake
  • Associated tooling for these machines