Create and Test the Future of Manufacturing

Whether a student’s interest lies in manufacturing using computer science and robotics, clean production techniques, or a combination of engineering specialties, cutting-edge research capabilities help them integrate techniques and learn to become the problem solvers needed in manufacturing around the world.

Students in WPI’s Manufacturing Engineering (MFE) program are encouraged and directed by some of the field’s leading educators to conduct research that can benefit the manufacturing industry on local and global levels. Embracing the WPI focus on theory combined with practice, multidisciplinary engineering investigations bring actionable and visionary conclusions that help forge successful careers.

Location: Washburn Shops
Phone: 508-831-5992

WPI's Manufacturing Labs and HAAS Technical Education Center

WPI's Manufacturing Labs are part of an exclusive network of designated HAAS Technology Centers of HAAS Automation Inc. throughout the nation to support and promote the education, application, and research in CNC machining. As one of the handful of HAAS showrooms in the nation, the WPI's Manufacturing Labs house three separate facilities.

ME Shop (Higgins 003)

Robotics Lab (Washburn 108)

Teaching Lab (Washburn 107)

Research and Teaching Facilities

As part of the Mechanical Engineering (ME) department, students in Manufacturing Engineering perform experiments and research theories in the facilities listed below as well as in all of our ME laboratories.

WPI offers various equipment to develop and test new techniques, raise efficiency, and increase environmental soundness in production practices. From robotics to surface metrology to nanomanufacturing experimentation, our students find leading-edge facilities and faculty ready to help develop their acumen, along with the flexibility for further study in their particular area of interest.

WPI offers excellent facilities for use in course and project work, both on campus and around the world. Our outstanding multidisciplinary faculty works closely with students.

Laboratory facilities: