2014 Mathematics Institute for Secondary Teaching

Applied and Industrial Mathematics Institute for Secondary Teaching

The Toyota-RIT Applied Math Initiative & The Center for Industrial Mathematics and Statistics
Location: Unity Hall
Office Location: 4th Floor, Room 457 (Temporarily Moved Due to Stratton Hall Renovation)
Phone: 508-831-5241
Fax: 508-831-5824

4-DAY WORKSHOP: July 14-17, 2014

Teachers, are you ever asked:

What is this math good for?

When will we ever use this stuff?

In this workshop, we will explore

  • How the mathematics that you teach is used by STEM professionals,
  • What are the career paths open to students well-trained in mathematics
  • How the math that you teach forms the foundation for college success.

The workshop will feature


  • Sessions in which experienced professionals discuss, in talks aimed at high school mathematics teachers, how they use high school mathematics in their professions.
  • Sessions in which young professionals and students discuss their educational experiences, the nature and development of their young careers, and their uses of high school mathematics professionally.
  • Sessions in which college professors discuss how high school mathematics forms bases for college courses,
  • Networking, brainstorming, and problem-solving!

For more information, please contact:

Professor John Goulet

Email: goulet@wpi.edu

Ms. Rhonda Podell

Email: rpodell@wpi.edu

Professor Suzanne Weekes

Email: sweekes@wpi.edu