Faculty & Staff

Donald Gelosh
Director Systems Engineering, Graduate Studies

Phone: +1 (508) 8314918

“I am an Educator because Education enables Freedom. I am a Systems Engineer because Systems Engineering provides the technology that enables Societies to grow, prosper, and remain free. I am a Systems Engineering Educator at WPI because there I can be both.” Don helps to support the needs of our corporate partners and their students, and is a strong advocate for the advancement of the practice of systems engineering through his efforts with the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and the Systems Engineering Division of the National Defense Industrial Association. Don has ...

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Xinming Huang

Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x5771

Being a faculty member is a privilege through which I can teach and mentor many students. My area of expertise is in computer engineering. More specifically, I conduct research on integrated circuits and embedded systems design for wireless communications, autonomous driving, and Internet of Things. I teach computer engineering courses at all levels from transistors, gates, circuits, processors, to computer systems. Courses I've taught include digital logic, VLSI design, HDL modeling, computer architecture, and reconfigurable computing. My experience in industry has helped me with both ...

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Jamie Monat
Teaching Professor-Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dr. Monat is a Professor of Practice and Director at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where he teaches courses in Operations Risk Management, Systems Thinking, System Optimization, Operations Management, Business Practices, and Project Management. Dr. Monat has both management and teaching experience in the medical device, separations, food & beverage, consulting, and environmental industries, having served as President of Harvard Clinical Technology, President of Business Growth Specialists, Inc., as Sr. Vice-President of Pall Corporation, and in a variety of positions for Koch Membrane ...

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Shamsnaz Bhada
Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x4848

As a systems engineer I view optimizing engineering endeavors as going beyond algorithmic optimization to include a humanitarian mission, using systems engineering tools, patterns, techniques, methods, themes, and philosophies to do policy modeling, all with the common goal of mission success. While engineering tools have brought about much excellence and productivity, we haven't always applied these powerful tools to goals such as human diversity in engineering, or looking at the full human as a participant in the human workforce. I pursue these ideas across multiple dimensions, from research ...

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Matthew Amissah
Adjunct Teaching Professor, Graduate Studies Online

Matthew Amissah is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Systems Engineering program. Prior to this he was an Adjunct faculty member in the Engineering Management and Systems Engineering department at Old Dominion University. His doctoral research offered a framework for developing executable models of real time systems based on the Systems Modeling Language (SysML).Matthew believes there’s a perfect model of every reality (Truth if you will); from the most seemingly chaotic to the most elegant. His research and teaching embraces this philosophy and is aimed at building and inspiring the ...

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