Systems Engineering Leadership Institute

At WPI, we believe all engineers should have some knowledge of systems engineering and leadership methods to be properly prepared for 21st century realities. The strategic goal of the institute is to advance systems engineering education, research, and leadership through partnerships with professionals from government, industry, and academic communities. Through close working partnerships between stakeholders, our students, and our faculty, we seek to:

  • Foster crucial needs analysis for today’s complex global realities.
  • Develop and deploy solutions to best meet those needs.
  • Nurture leadership skills necessary to integrate vital systems thinking.



WPI’s comprehensive systems engineering curriculum provides real-world application of foundational and advanced topics in systems engineering that are crucial to a wide-range of corporate and professional organizations. Recognized industry and university subject matter experts are utilized to structure, formulate, and deliver our curriculum in an educational environment that is strongly project driven.


Our faculty actively conduct research within their respective disciplines—from defense to financial services to academia. By expanding this collaboration to include researchers from business, science, and industry, SELI supports the creative integration of systems engineering and leadership across multi-faceted technological endeavors, helping to improve successful outcomes.


Leadership skills are a key element for creating well-rounded professionals able to lead teams to successfully complete difficult projects across all phases of the product life cycle. Leaders consider both the business and technical needs of customers and stakeholders, while managing those projects from an interpersonal context. Through SELI, WPI will enable systems engineers to lead without authority, through the development of innovative methods, techniques and opportunities to apply leadership as a practicing systems engineer