Alex F. Backlin Fund Scholarship

Department heads may request funding from the Backlin Scholarship on behalf of deserving graduate students by contacting the Office of Graduate Studies.

Every effort should be made to seek funding from other sources before submitting an application for Backlin support. Among other sources are advisor’s grant funds, departmental funds, work opportunities, and loans. (Check with your advisor, the department head, and the Financial Aid Office.) The credit requirements for the degree should already have been met prior to applying for Backlin support.

The attached application must be filled out in full and submitted thirty (30) days before the start of classes. It is necessary to obtain the signature of your thesis advisor who is asked to attest to your academic progress and the likelihood that you will complete all degree requirements in the next semester and to affirm that he/she cannot support you from grant funds for your final semester at WPI. The signature of the department head is necessary to attest that other sources of funding that he/she administers are not available to you at this time. More importantly, the recommendation of your advisor and department head is crucial for consideration.

After the form is filled out and signed, please forward the form to Debbie Baron at for processing.