Graduate students at WPI are part of a large and thriving research community. They are often highly valued participants in faculty research projects; at leading research institutions, with important funding agencies; and with partner organizations around the world. That’s why employers are eager to find and connect with our graduate students. Because of the emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration, they have the knowledge and the skills needed to attack complex problems from all angles.

Graduate and Professional Studies seeks an integrated campus where everyone feels a sense of belonging, where graduate students respect—and celebrate—differences and the complex identities of each member of our community. We celebrate diversity while working to advance equity on our campus and within STEM. See yourself here

Researchers at WPI build and strengthen many dedicated interdisciplinary communities, including Smart World, Materials Reimagined (MatR), BioPoint, and Global Initiatives. Learn more about the research enterprises at WPI.  


Support for Research

Graduate students have access to many types of support at all levels of their research. Resources, such as equipment usage, internal seed funding, and proposal support, help graduate students take their research to the next level. Learn more about resources for WPI researchers.  

Meet Our Graduate Student Researchers

A photo of Heather LeClerc working under a fume hood

Heather LeClerc

Heather is pursuing a chemical engineering PhD with a focus on the fundamentals of catalytic hydrothermal liquefaction of food waste. She is a key researcher for a multi-year project to develop food waste into biodiesel. 

A photo of Mark Xatse

Mark Xatse

Mark’s passion for science and research in his PhD biochemistry program is enriched by his involvement in the WPI community.  

A photo of Karen Royer demonstrating to students how several tools work

Karen Royer

Karen came to WPI to pursue her master's degree nearly 30 years after earning her first degree. As a research assistant in the Global Lab, she trains students, faculty, and staff in how to use the equipment to enhance their research and projects.

"The labs have really fostered great collaborative research and it helps to be surrounded by great minds who are just as enthusiastic as you. The faculty members treat you as peers – they’re teaching you and developing you to be a leader in your field." 

-PhD student alum, Melissa Mobley

Graduate Research Innovation Exchange

The annual Graduate Research Innovation Exchange (GRIE) is a poster celebration and competition that highlights the breadth, diversity, and quality of WPI's graduate research. It is a two-part event consisting of an open poster exhibition and celebration and poster finals and awards. Graduate students are invited to participate. It is an opportunity for WPI students to share their research passions with the greater community. 

Preview A photo of a faculty member in a labcoat using a pipette to add fluid to a pitri dish

Faculty Research

Meet the faculty researchers who have partnered with our graduate students