Graduate Student Resources

Supporting the Graduate Student Experience

WPI is committed to supporting graduate students throughout their educational experience. From resources that support travel expenses while students present their research findings to workshops that prepare students for post-graduation success---the Office of Graduate Studies is instituting and expanding programming specific to their needs.

Thesis and Dissertation Resources

All PhD degrees at WPI require the submission of a dissertation and many masters degree programs require the submission of a thesis. At WPI thesis and dissertations are submitted electronically and are referred to as electronic thesis and dissertations, or ETDs. Departments and programs may have specific requirements for the style and format of ETDs, and graduate students should consult with their advisors and departments or programs prior to initiating the development of their ETDs to ensure compliance with these requirements. The Gordon Library has developed a general guide to aide graduate students in the preparation and submission of their ETDs - see below. Once an ETD has been developed and is ready for submission, graduate students can use the 'submit your thesis or dissertation' link below to submit their ETD through the WPI ETD portal. More information please visit here

Graduate Student Government

The Graduate Student Government (GSG) is the governing body of the graduate students at WPI.  Our mission is to promote graduate life and we fulfill this by being the effective graduate student voice, communicating with faculty and administration, and providing academic and social functions for current and incoming graduate students.