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Grounded in technology, design, and business disciplines, the online Master’s in Innovation with User Experience Design (IUX) program is designed to deliver a highly qualified and competitive workforce for the IT industry. The Foisie Business School has world-class expertise and resources in UX and is ideally positioned to prepare students as UX professionals and set them on a path to take on leaderships positions such as chief experience officers (CXO).  

UX-driven innovations are no longer a luxury but a must for maintaining competitive advantage in the marketplace. The continually increasing pace of our digital economy intensifies this demand for innovative technologies. More people come to rely on smart and connected technologies to meet their basic communication and information needs and to support personal decisions such as managing their health and wellness. Companies increasingly rely on smart and connected technologies to guarantee positive organizational outcomes. They support their employees with a work environment that helps them deliver the prompt and accurate business decisions required by a global and connected digital economy. To maintain competitive advantage, tech companies must ensure that their products are successfully embraced and effectively used by their intended users at home and at work. To achieve this goal, competition in the IT industry has shifted toward developing an outstanding user experience (UX) –thus increasing the demand for highly qualified UX professionals.  

Learning Outcomes

The online Masters in Innovation User Experience Design provides students with the skills for careers as product designers, UX designers, UX researchers, and innovative UX business leaders. It prepares them for working in advanced technological environments where they apply the UX driven innovation (UXDI) framework to help their companies develop competitive products and services. In our project-based, asynchronous online learning environment, students will:  

  • Gain foundational knowledge in design thinking, design science, and the UX-driven innovation (UXDI) framework for developing technological innovations (e.g., smart and connected systems, robots, AR/VR applications) for homes and work environments. 

  • Develop and execute plans for gaining a deep understanding about user needs. 

  • Develop and execute plans for discovering opportunities for creating business and social value with UX driven innovations. 

  • Develop and execute plans for designing and evaluating the discovered UX-driven innovation opportunities. 

  • Develop advanced skills in focused area(s) of interest through the specialties offered in this program such as Applied Analytics, Brands, Products and Consumers, Managing and Organizing Innovation, IUX Research, System Design for IUX, and others. 

  • Benefit from the capstone experience that enables them to revise, integrate, and apply their knowledge and skills through a large project.  

Admissions Qualifications for Master’s in Innovation with User Experience Design Online

  • BS or BA degree from an accredited school, in any discipline, with a GPA of > 3.0  
  • GMAT/GRE’s are not required for this program  

For specific application requirements, visit our admissions for online programs page.

If you do not have a bachelor's degree, please view our list of undergraduate programs.

On-Demand Webinar: Innovation with UX Design Online Master’s

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Improving Technology by Studying the User Experience - IUX Online at WPI

Program Requirements for UI UX Master’s Online

The UI UX master’s online is a 33-credit program, designed as a stackable, professional master’s degree. As such, it involves a realistic capstone project. The MS IUX also serves as an entry to the PhD program in the Foisie Business School, and thus allows for research credits (with permission of the IUX program director).  


Subject to change based on availability.   
View academic term start dates for online courses.  

Students must complete the three-course core as follows: 

  • MIS 583. User Experience Applications 
  • MIS 585. User Experience Design 
  • MIS 586. User Experience Methods 

Students must complete two three-course specialties, selected from the following specialties: 

Brands, Products and Consumers   

  • MKT 500. Marketing Strategy 
  • MKT 561. Consumer Behavior and Analytics 
  • MKT 569. Product and Brand Management 

System Design (Select any 3; The first three are online; the others, which are not FBS courses, may not be available online)

  • MIS 500. Innovating with Information Systems 
  • MIS 571. Database Applications Design and Development 
  • MIS 582. Information Security Design and Management 
  • IMGD 5000. Game Design Studio  
  • IMGD 5300. Design of Interactive Experiences 
  • RBE/CS 526. Human-Robot Interaction 
  • RBE 595. Synergy of Human and Robot Systems 
  • WR 593. Robot Futures: Design, Ethics, Communication 

Applied Analytics (Select any 3) 

  • MIS 502. Data Management for Analytics 
  • MIS 584. Business Intelligence 
  • MIS 587. Business Applications in Machine Learning 
  • OIE 559. Optimization for Business Analytics 
  • DS 501. Introduction to Data Science 
  • DS 502. Statistical Methods for Data Science 
    •  or, MA 511. Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists 

Organizing and Managing Innovation (Select any 3) 

Students must complete a two-course capstone project experience   

  • OBC 505. Teaming and Organizing for Innovation 
  • MIS 573. System Design and Development 
    • Capstone project for IUX and IT students 

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