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The Office of Pre-Collegiate Outreach Programs at WPI is committed to offering educational opportunities to youth interested in STEM. In an effort to help continue that education at home here are some free STEM resources you can take advantage of today. 

All Grades: 

  • Go Peer: Personalized one-on-one virtual tutoring sessions for K-12 students.  Go Peer offers services for over 70+ subjects including ACT/SAT prep. 
  • Happy Numbers: An effective tool for teachers in classrooms with a wide variety of student learning levels.  It allows for individualized learning at the students’ pace and implements a wide variety of learning styles.   
  • Museum of Science at Home: View daily live streams, virtual exhibits, presentations, podcast episodes, and other STEM resources from the Boston Museum of Science at home. ​
  • Varsity Tutors: Enroll in free live virtual classes covering a variety of test subjects for K-12 students.

Elementary Resources

Middle School Resources

High School Resources

  • Board Teachers: 60+ Educational Resources for Students: 60 websites that high school students can use to supplement online learning.  There are a variety of STEM as well as humanities resources.
  • Edutopia: STEM Resources: STEM resources for beginners as well as resources on how to further involve students in STEM, implement different projects, lessons, and models into curriculum, as well as how to engage underrepresented youth in STEM disciplines. 
  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy has free online courses to supplement learning with a variety of subjects, AP courses, test prep, and videos on college advice/resources. 
  • Masters in Data Science: Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: 239 websites to promote STEM including learning resources, challenges and contests, awards, games, apps, and more. 
  • National Science Teaching Association: STEM Resources: Resource to look up STEM conferences, workshops, competitions, books and E-books, awards, and more. 
  • StemFinity: STEM Resource: List of free STEM resources.  The user is able to filter based on different disciplines: women in STEM, coding & programming, STEM careers, and more. 
  • Student Tutor: Top 7 STEM Resources: These resources focus on helping to increase exposure of STEM to young people with fun games, programs, resources and advice.