The STEM Education Center is a committed community partner working towards the goal of creating equity and access for all and to broaden the participation of STEM. We believe that it takes many different organizations with their various strengths to come together as an ecosystem to build meaningful STEM opportunities. Learning not only happens in the classroom, but also in informal spaces, and educators can be peers, family members, and community members.

We engage with different communities with our background in high-quality, inclusive STEM education to collaboratively work to “level the STEM playing field”…

Some of the ways we have engaged with our local community include: 

  1. Partnered with educators from a variety of organizations to launch a STEM career fair for youth and their families during STEM Week in MA. These fairs, held at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Worcester and Fitchburg/Leominster in October 2018, encouraged presenters to share their pathways to STEM to help break stereotypes about what it means to be in a STEM field.
  2. Worked on multiple projects that connected WPI students, the STEM Education Center, and local community based organizations around various topics related to equitable access to STEM education.

STEM Learning Ecosystem Overview by Marc Siciliano of TIES

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