STEM Education Project Center

Talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not.” – Leila Janah


The heart of this on-campus WPI Project Center is its focus on high-quality, PreK-12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education opportunities for all children. Project objectives include:  

  • Providing engaging and inclusive STEM activities to diverse audiences  
  • Examining the educational opportunity gaps in local or global contexts   
  • Supporting informal and formal educators in STEM 
  • Connecting with the greater Worcester community 

Some projects may be to design, develop, and test hands-on, standards-aligned, PreK-12 STEM; to examine STEM education in a global context; and to develop sustainable relationships between WPI and local non-profits around STEM opportunities. In addition, the teaching practicum requirement in the Teacher Preparation Program is typically done as an IQP.  

These projects (MQPs and IQPs) are in partnership with the STEM Education Center at WPI and PreK-12 schools, afterschool programs, non-profits, and educators. Faculty and staff are invited to bring projects under the STEM Education Project Center and be included in the STEM Education Project Center presentation events. Contact Kathy Chen at

Here's a sampling of the IQP projects student teams have done. The final reports are available on

  • Established a tutoring program at the Worcester YMCA
  • Designed an interactive ball display for a YWCA preschool
  • Developed a communication plan around nature and play-based learning for Turn Back Time Education Center
  • Cultivated a village library for Dwenase, Ghana