Minor in Aerospace Engineering


Value Proposition Description

If the idea of rockets, airplanes, and fighter jets fascinates you, a minor in Aerospace Engineering might be a great fit if your major is in a different discipline. This minor gives you a fundamental understanding of the engineering principles behind launching and maintaining aircraft and spacecraft in flight.

But you’ll do much more than just read about rockets and formulate equations. We’ll give you hands-on projects that let you try out your new understanding on real work.

You’ll never look at an airplane in the same way.


Course-work in the Aerospace Engineering minor gives you a broad overview of the discipline and opportunities for hands-on project work in our innovative labs so you’ll comprehend and apply your classroom knowledge to real-world problems in the field.

The required courses for the minor include topics in aerodynamics and propulsion; aerospace materials and structures; aerospace vehicle dynamics, stability, and control; and major aerospace design experience. Typical course selections include Astronautics, Gas Turbines Propulsion and Power, Advanced Materials Aerospace Applications, Spacecraft Dynamics and Control, Aircraft Design, and Aerospace Structures.

Application Process

If you’re interested in this minor, complete this application for the minor in Aerospace Engineering or pick one up in the Aerospace Engineering program office. Minor applications require the review and approval of both your academic advisor and the Aerospace Engineering Program Undergraduate Committee chair.