WPI’s Aerospace Engineering department embraces the science and technologies that create, develop, and improve aircraft and spacecraft. Using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities including wind tunnels, vacuum chambers, and controls instrumentation, students develop a sound understanding of the technical concepts relevant to aerospace engineering and design.

Our curriculum focuses on the broad engineering principles needed to develop the specialized skills required for aeronautical and astronautical careers. Faculty mentorship is ever present as students navigate an academic path toward achieving their personal and career goals.

Students routinely meet our high standards of excellence as they prepare to take on leadership roles in the world-leading U.S. aerospace industry. Graduates go onto rewarding careers as aerospace (or related) engineering professionals in industry or government, or pursue advanced degrees. Their technological, communication, and teamwork capabilities enable them to quickly move into leadership roles in business and society.

Degrees & Certificates

Area of Study Bachelor Minor Certificate Master PhD

BS/MS Option

Aerospace engineering students may opt to earn an advanced degree in accelerated time with WPI's BS/MS degree option. Interested students should speak with the Aerospace Engineering program for guidance on requirements. Students must complete the online graduate application in their junior year (choose the BS/MS program and then Aerospace Engineering on the application) so they can be admitted and double count credits for the BS and MS in senior year.


After Graduation

Aerospace program graduates find a robust job market for the comprehensive hands-on technical, science, social science, and engineering skills they have. Grads often find careers in industries where aerospace is essential – like NASA and the U.S. Government. 

Meet Our Students

Julia by flowers

Julia B.

Junior, BS in Aerospace Engineering

An aspiring astronaut––and marathoner!––Julia has found success both in her aerospace engineering pursuits and her love of music and theatre.

Photo of Mary

Mary V.

BS in Aerospace Engineering; Minors in Astrophysics and Computer Science

Mary traveled to the Albania Project Center with 23 other students to complete her IQP. Her project, which she collaborated on with three students from different majors, involved the production of a documentary about the Drin River in Albania, with the intent to raise awareness about the pollution problems it faces. The students approached the project through research, interviews with stakeholders, and collaboration with their sponsor, Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania (SHUKALB). The project culminated with the students collecting footage, editing it into a documentary, and adjusting the process based on feedback from viewers.


Matthew E.

Senior, BS in Aerospace Engineering

A dynamic on-campus IQP along with numerous student leadership roles are preparing this WPI senior to make his mark in the aerospace industry.

Facts and Figures


current faculty members have won the NSF Career Award

National Science Foundation (2020)

student-to-faculty ratio 


Robotics Engineering and Aerospace Engineering alt
Robotics Engineering and Aerospace Engineering lead to career opportunities for students.
September 11, 2020
Julia Bigwood alt
Julia Bigwood '21 working remotely at her internship with Bryce Space and Tech. Photo submitted by Julia Bigwood.
August 13, 2020

Media Coverage

In this article, the Worcester Business Journal referred to research by Nikhil Karanjgaokar, assistant professor of aerospace engineering, as an “example of local cutting-edge technology” that could conceivably become a venture-backed startup based on technology developed in Worcester.

WBUR interviewed Nikhil Karanjgaokar, assistant professor of aerospace engineering, who’s aiming to create a bulletproof vest in which the materials inside the vest could instantly change properties, providing greater shock protection at the exact point of impact. “You just feel safe knowing that know matter what sort of impact comes your way you’re protected,” he said.