Minor in Architectural Engineering


Value Proposition Description

One of only 20 similar programs in the US and the only one in New England, WPI’s accredited Architectural Engineering (AREN) program offers a minor for non-AREN students looking to broaden their knowledge in this emerging field. Your coursework allows you to better understand buildings and what makes them function effectively for their inhabitants, from design to heating and cooling to energy efficiency.

The Architectural Engineering (AREN) minor is particularly suited if you’re majoring in Civil Engineering but is interesting for anyone looking to develop their knowledge of the discipline. You will choose at least two units from several different areas of AREN that fit your interests and desired skill set, including coursework in Architectural Design, Principles of HVAC Design for Buildings, Building Energy Simulation, and Building Envelope Design. 

Application Process

If you would like to minor in Architectural Engineering (AREN), complete the Application for the Minor in AREN (available in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Office) and submit it to the Director of AREN Program as soon as possible. The Director is responsible for the review and approval of all Minor in AREN requests.