Minor in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology


WPI’s minor in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology (BCB) will increase your understanding of how mathematics and computer science can be applied to solve critical biological problems.

Value Proposition Description

Through the flexible minor program, you will gain a solid foundation in the three fields that make up this interdisciplinary area: biology, mathematics, and computer science. The knowledge and skills you will gain serve as excellent preparation for a bioscience-centered career or an added skillset for graduate school.

The Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BCB) minor consists of a six courses, including at least one course each in mathematics, biology, and computer science, and at least one interdisciplinary BCB course that enables you to use quantitative methods to pose and answer biological questions.

You will work closely with an advisor to select a sequence of courses that matches your interests and goals, from applied statistics and probability to programming, biotechnology, biodiversity, genetics, or molecular biology.

As a capstone experience, you will take an advanced BCB course on a specialized topic such as biovisualization, biological and biomedical database mining, or statistical methods in genetics and bioinformatics.

If you are interested in this minor, inquire with the Bioinformatics & Computational Biology program to find a minor advisor. Once you are ready to declare your minor, you must fill out a BCB Minor Approval Form.