Minor in Business



Become more marketable to prospective employers by complementing your major with a business minor. Learn the theory and practice of managing an organization by studying management concepts and practices encountered in the business world. A business minor will help you transition to the business world, providing skills for you to function effectively in business organizations.

Business students during a group meeting


The WPI Business minor requires the completion of six courses from several business subject areas. The Capstone course, Growing and Managing New Ventures, uses and integrates the functional areas of business in a case and project-oriented mode. While the course is focused primarily on new business ventures, the general principles provide students with a comprehensive look at business operations. Visit the catalog to learn about course options.

This minor is not available to students majoring in business, management engineering, or management information systems at WPI

Application Process

To declare a Business minor, first fill out the Minor Declaration Form and submit electronically to business-prog-office@wpi.edu . We will forward the completed form to the Registrar’s office. 
The Minor Completion Form should be completed by October 1st of senior year, regardless of completion of courses. Please submit the form electronically to business-prog-office@wpi.edu. We will forward the completed form to the Registrar’s office.

For more information, contact Laurie Stokes, 508-831-4887, lmstokes@wpi.edu