Professional Master’s Program in Chemical Engineering

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WPI’s Professional master’s program in Chemical Engineering gives students the opportunity to gain experience with a distinctive, directed project working with an industry partner.

Value Proposition Description

The professional master’s program in chemical engineering at WPI offers both the academic and industry foundation necessary for a professional industry career. This degree has a distinctive capstone Graduate Qualifying Project (GQP)—a 6-credit-hour requirement completed as a project with an industry partner. In the GQP, students work on a real-world project to gain advanced professional experience. With the GQP and the completion of one of two concentrations—bioengineering or advanced process engineering—students enjoy a multidisciplinary and varied course load.

The bioengineering concentration prepares students for the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. The advanced process engineering concentration focuses on advanced topics in design, control, and optimization that are applicable to a wide range of chemical processing techniques.


The Chemical Engineer Professional MS Degree  offers students with a solid chemical engineering foundation opportunities to specialize in bioengineering or advanced process engineering while gaining meaningful, applied, and industry-relevant project work.

The chemical engineering curriculum for professionals includes the 6 credit hours in the GQP, 9 credit hours from the chemical engineering curriculum, 9 credit hours of concentrations courses, and 6 credit hours of chemical engineering electives.

See the course catalog for complete descriptions.

In cooperation with an industry partner, the GQP experience gives chemical engineering professional MS students an industry-specific problem to research and solve. Rather than scientific research, the GQP takes them into company or government settings to discover and advance the kinds of projects industry is interested in. Students may suggest a GQP or work with faculty to find the right fit for their specific interests. Students complete the GQP with the approval and oversight of a chemical engineering faculty member over the course of one or two successive semesters.

Although primary research is completed through the GQP, students have access to the cutting-edge, multidisciplinary labs, facilities, and research centers at WPI.


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