Minor in Data Science

Data Science

WPI’s minor in Data Science is open to all undergraduates. Please use the information below to choose courses and to register your Data Science Minor program. If you’re unsure about whether a Data Science minor is right for you, please email datascience@wpi.edu or visit Unity Hall 366 for more information.



Completing a Minor in Data Science consists of 2 units of classes (equivalent to 6 courses) from the list of approved Data Science major courses.  The 2 units must include the following:

  • Three courses, one from each of the three academic areas (Business, Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences) at the 2000 level or above.
  • At least two courses out of the Data Science series: DS 1010, 2010, 3010
  • At least one course at the 3000 level or above selected from the list of disciplinary courses approved for the Data Science major.

Prior to Fall 2020: Students who have already started a minor in Data Science prior to Fall 2020 can still use the old requirements to complete their minor.  Please note that DS 3001 is no longer being offered. Students should take DS 3010 in place of DS 3001; as DS 3010 replaces the DS 3001 requirement.


If you’re interested in a DS Minor, or in the process of completing one, please make sure to closely review the required material and steps below.

  1. If you’re interested but not sure, you have the option to set up a meeting with the Data Science Minor Advisor at gr-ds-minor-advisor@wpi.edu to see if you want to pursue a minor. 
  2. If you’re sure about a Data Science minor and the courses you will take, fill out the Data Science Minor Planning & Completion Form and the Registrar’s Minor Declaration Form and schedule a meeting with the Minor Advisor (gr-ds-minor-advisor@wpi.edu) to have the forms signed.
  3. Once signed, then submit both forms: Send the Minor Declaration Form to the Registrar’s Office (registrar@wpi.edu or in person). Send the Data Science Minor Planning & Completion Form to the Data Science Office by email (gr-datascience@wpi.edu) or in person (Unity Hall 366).
  4. If at any point you have questions about your Data Science minor, stop by the Data Science Office or schedule a meeting to have your questions answered about completing your Data Science minor. 
  5. In the term when you’re taking the final courses for your minor, please schedule a meeting with the Data Science Minor Advisor (gr-ds-minor-advisor@wpi.edu) to sign your Data Science Planning & Completion Form confirming completion.
  6. Submit your signed final Data Science Planning & Completion Form by email (gr-datascience@wpi.edu) or to the Data Science Office (Unity Hall 366).

Good luck in your Data Science Minor journey!