The term ‘Data Science’ was first coined by Google, and like Google, Data Science has taken off! Corporations are overwhelmed by a firehose of data that they don't have the capability to sort, manage or interpret. They are faced with a critical shortage of Data Scientists who can synthesize huge amounts of information from multiple sources, derive new insights, convert data into actionable information, and articulate their findings.

With its long history of research in data management, statistics, and business analytics, WPI is one of a handful of universities ready to prepare graduates for the challenges of this rapidly expanding field. The program brings together a trifecta faculty mentors from computer science, mathematics, and business. Combined with our community of student scholars from all over the world, we have a team of visionary leaders and researchers prepared to contribute important insights that will change the way we live, how we work, and our interaction with the world around us.

Data Science's Rosemarie Day wins Intel-ai-interplanetary challenge!

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Women in Data Science Conference
Women in Data Science

WPI Data Science is proud to host the 'Women in Data Science Conference' in partnership with Stanford University, Stanford, CA.
This one-day regional event will showcase local talent, bringing together individuals from industry and academia
to celebrate the contributions of Women in Data Science.


  • Live-streaming from the Global Women in Data Science Conference at Stanford University, CA, including technical and keynote talks by leading women at top companies and universities.

  • Live talks from local women speakers.

  • A panel discussion on Data Science careers; academia vs industry.

  • A poster session showcasing research by WPI students. Sign-up will be available on the registration page, stay tuned!

  • Opportunities to network with local researchers, industry professionals, and academic leaders.


Data Science @ WPI

WiDS @ Stanford

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Melanie Jutras -- WiDS Central Massachusetts

Melanie Jutras -- WiDSCentral Massachusetts



Kyumin Lee
Kyumin Lee

Kyumin Lee, Ph.D., a recent hire to the Data Science faculty, has won an NSF Career Award as well as an award from GOOGLE!

His research Topics are:
Career: Tracking, Revealing and Detecting Crowdsourced Manipulation

We are very happy to have Kyumin join the Data Science faculty.


"The Minor in Data Science is open to all undergraduate majors at WPI.

If you wish to apply to become a Data Science minor, please visit

this step-by-step guide.

Students majoring in Business, Computer Science, or Mathematical Sciences

should consult WPI rules on minors for double-counting courses."

'Once in a Life-time' Success! ACM KDD 2017

Data Science faculty and students had an incredibly strong showing at ACM KDD 2017 this year. ACM KDD 2017 is one of the premiere conferences in the field of Data Science, so this success bodes well for WPI and the Data Science program.

ACM KDD 2017 has a stringent, 17.5% acceptance rate for its Research track of 748 submissions and a 21.5% acceptance rate for the Applied Data Science track of 396 submissions.

It what may be a once-in-a-life-time success, the WPI Data Science faculty and students will be heavily represented at this year’s conference having 5 papers accepted!


Jie Bao, Tianfu He, Sijie Ruan, Yanhua Li, Yingcai Wu, Yu Zheng, 
Planning Bike Paths based on Sharing-Bikes' Trajectories,
ACM KDD 2017, Applied Data Science Track.

Xiao Qin, Tabassum Kakar, Susmitha Wunnava, Elke Rundensteiner, Lei Cao,
MARAS: Signaling Multi-Drug Adverse Reactions,
ACM KDD 2017, Applied Data Science Track.

Yizhou Yan, Lei Cao, and Elke Rundensteiner,
Scalable Top-n Local Outlier Detection,
ACM KDD 2017, Research Track.

Yizhou Yan, Lei Cao, Caitlin Kuhlman and Elke Rundensteiner,
Distributed Local Outlier Detection in Big Data,
ACM KDD 2017, Research Track.

Chong Zhou and Randy Paffenroth,
Anomaly Detection with Robust Deep Auto-encoders,
ACM KDD 2017, Research Track.

Congratulations ALL!

Prof. Rundensteiner
Prof. Rundensteiner

Data Science Program Director Elke Rundensteiner, working with dedicated DS faculty and graduate students, has three of the students she mentored invited to present at the 2017 IEEE MIT UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE. 

Sarah Brownell, from Simmons College, worked Prof. Elke and WPI graduate student Tom Hartvigsen on "MRSA Infection Prediction System."

Courtney Burns and Jennifer Wu from UMass Dartmouth and New College Florida respectively were paired with Prof. Elke, Prof. Agu, and WPI graduate students Andrew Schade, Ermal Toto and Brendan Foley. Their research project was, "EmotivoMOOD (EMU) Using Machine Learning to Detect Depression by Voice." 

At the culmination of the REU, both posters were submitted for consideration to the IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference. Our students are ecstatic to have been accepted!  

This is an amazing accomplishment for these young researchers and a testament to their tireless work and dedication to science.



In the News

Data science student Rosemarie Day won Intel’s AI Interplanetary Challenge as reported by Venture Beat. She proposed a computer vision system that tapped satellite imagery to give a detailed look at how Earth is changing over time.

Venture Beat

The Telegram & Gazette, interviewed Yanhua Li, assistant professor of computer science and data science, for the article, "WPI researcher aims for a better, cheaper commute." He’s developing an idea for a new kind of transit system, CityLines, inspired by airlines and built for urban areas. logo

Data Science in Research Magazine

Digital Health 


Professor Elke Rundensteiner

Professor Carolina Ruiz

Professor Diane Strong

& Other WPI Faculty

Professor Rundensteiner quoted in TechTarget

Skills and Temperament Drive Success in Cloud-based Data Science

Fearlessness, curiosity, and mastery of statistics are keys to data science success, says Elke Rundensteiner, director of WPI’s Data Science program.

STEM Degree Program

WPI’s Data Science program is a 
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)-designated degree program. Its Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) Code is 30.0801, indicating it has a Mathematics and Computer Science focus.

A Successful Series of Data Science GQP Projects with Our Sponsor Pfizer Corporation

In Great Company: WPI + Pfizer, Inc.

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The U.S. government has recognized the importance of STEM education by offering certain privileges to STEM degree recipients who are foreign nationals, including a 24-month extension of Optional Practical Training (OPT).  Nearly all of WPI’s graduate programs are eligible for this extension, including data science, information technology, and operations analytics and management. Learn more about the STEM OPT Hub.

Technological advances in devices, software, networking, and other technologies have given rise to digital data rich in variety, volume, velocity, and complexity.
Elke Rundensteiner
Professor, Computer Science
Director of the Data Science Graduate Programs