Minor in Entrepreneurship


Value Proposition Description

New business ventures continue to stimulate the global economy. WPI's focus on technology produces students who are ideally suited to taking advantage of the continuing growth in technologically-based enterprises. A minor in Entrepreneurship at WPI gives you the foundation to understand basic business principles and how to turn your ideas into viable ventures. It is possible that you could create a new and exciting technology for your senior project (major qualifying project), which could then be turned into a business upon graduation. A minor in Entrepreneurship is available to all students at WPI, regardless of major.


The Entrepreneurship minor requires the completion of six courses from several business subject areas. Visit the catalog to learn about course options.

Application Process

To declare an Entrepreneurship minor, please see Add a Program of Study in Workday.
The minor completion information can be found in Workday under your Academic Progress Report (APR).  Please review the minor APR before October 1st of senior year to be sure all minor courses are listed correctly. 

For more information, contact Laurie Stokes, 508-831-4887, lmstokes@wpi.edu