Minor in Foreign Language


Value Proposition Description

Whether you are looking to solidify your language skills to help interact with future career partners or you just have an interest in languages, literature, and culture, WPI’s minor program will ensure that you’re knowledgeable about your selected language and its culture. Available in Spanish, German, Chinese, and Arabic, the minor in Language allows you to continue studying your language of choice. In addition to working toward fluency, you’ll also learn the culture and history of the places where your target language is spoken.


To successfully earn a minor in Language, you’ll be expected to complete two units of work divided into the following (see Undergraduate Catalog  for more information and detailed course selection listings):

  • Intermediate to advanced language courses (1 unit of selected courses)
  • Advanced literature and culture courses (2/3 unit of selected courses)
  • Language capstone experience (1/3 unit)

The capstone experience for Spanish and German consists of an independent study written in the foreign language. For the Chinese capstone experience, you’ll have to complete an independent study or 3000-level course in Chinese history, culture, literature, or philosophy.

Application Process

If you’re interested in completing a Language minor, please see the following professors for more information:

  • Mohammed El Hamzaoui or Rebecca Moody, Arabic
  • Daniel DiMassa, German
  • Angel Rivera, Spanish
  • Wen-Hua Du or Jennifer Rudolph, Chinese*

*Native speakers of Mandarin are not eligible to take Chinese language courses at WPI without advisor approval.