Minor in History


Value Proposition Description

Whether you’ve had a longstanding passion for European or Asian history, or a musical about a certain Founding Father has sparked a newfound interest in how our country came to be, a minor in History could be exactly what you’re looking for. With diverse course subjects ranging from environmental history to the history of science and technology, WPI’s History minor will teach critical reading, writing, and research analysis to help you examine today’s complex problems through the lens of the past.


To earn a minor in History, you’ll be expected to complete two units of work divided into the following (see Undergraduate Catalog for more information and detailed course selection listings):

  • History courses (5/3 units of courses)
  • History capstone experience (1/3 unit)

The History capstone experience can take the form of either a 3000-level course chosen by you and your advisor, or an independent study project in History. The capstone experience, whether in the form of a course or independent study, must be taken last.

Application Process

Before applying, it’s recommended that you discuss your interest with a member of the History faculty to ensure you’ll be able to meet all requirements. Following the meeting, fill out the Minor Proposal Form.

Any WPI student is eligible for the History minor, except for those majoring in Humanities & Arts with a concentration in History.