Master's in Materials Process Engineering

Master of Science
materials processing engineering

Please note that the Materials Process Engineering MS program is not currently accepting new students. Students in this field are encouraged to check out other WPI programs in Manufacturing Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

Value Proposition Description

The Materials Process Engineering MS program is geared toward professionals who want to break out to become entrepreneurs, trend setters, or executives in the materials process field. The program helps you understand the science of different materials and their properties and the manufacturing processes that help create the best product most efficiently. The program’s courses are offered online and on campus, full-time and part-time, so you can fit the courses around your professional schedule. Three primary programs include Manufacturing Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and Management/Industrial Engineering, along with electives.

Our students design uses for new processes in traditional fields, like automotive technology, and in emerging markets, such as medical products. Your work will cover the areas most essential to materials processing engineering, including manufacturing systems and process design, analysis and control materials processing, and processing/structure/property relations in materials.



Materials process engineering professionals require knowledge in both materials science and manufacturing engineering principles, so WPI’s curriculum offers the foundation of theory and hands-on projects you need to propel your career forward.

You’ll take courses in three programs—Manufacturing Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and Management/Industrial Engineering—with courses ranging from Advanced Thermodynamics to Design for Manufacturability to Corrosion and Corrosion Control to Entrepreneurship. Your studies will culminate with a project that could include a business plan, a research proposal, or a new product.

Internship opportunities may be available through collaborative efforts of the Metal Processing Institute and the Materials Science & Engineering program. The Industrial Internships program for MS and PhD students adds to the project work and classroom experience WPI offers.


Our world-class faculty and innovative lab space offers you a solid foundation for conducting your research and advancing your practical knowledge. You’ll work with researchers across disciplines to collaborate on ideas and build your professional network.

Research topics in Materials Process Engineering:

  • Casting and heat treating
  • Cost analysis
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Market analysis
  • Surface metrology

Materials process engineering research involves researching new materials and also examining new approaches to existing materials and how they can be improved.

Working with different materials in our facilities will inform your research with real data you can apply right away.

Our facilities include everything from the Haas Center for Computer Controlled Machining to the Materials Characterization Laboratory to the Metal Processing Institute, the largest university-industry consortium in North America.

WPI’s innovative facilities include specific space for materials processing engineering work. You’ll have access to our innovative labs that contain equipment like melting furnaces, rotary degassers, and scanning electron microscopes equipped with energy dispersive X-ray analysis capabilities.

Some of our state-of-the-art facilities:


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