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WPI has been innovating in the field of materials process engineering since our founders made their fortunes in tinsmithing and wire drawing. WPI’s extensive coursework in related topics focuses on improving the materials we have, discovering new ones, and finding original ways to use existing materials to produce high-quality, cost-effective parts and systems.

With a foundation of theory and hands-on research, students in this field will understand the science of materials, materials processing, and business practices. Students will also study manufacturing processes like nanomaterials and biopolymers and topics like lean manufacturing, casting and heat treating, cost analysis fuel cells, and surface metrology.

Please note that the Materials Process Engineering MS program is not currently accepting new students. Students in this field are encouraged to check out our other programs in Manufacturing Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and Management/Industrial Engineering in order to study the innovative use of traditional materials and processes like aluminum casting, heat-treated steel, and powder processing of ceramics.

Degrees & Certificates

Area of Study Bachelor Minor Certificate Master PhD
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Recycling Metal and Saving Energy

Learn how WPI researchers are melting recycled aluminum and processing it—without the costly step of re-machining—for reuse in manufacturing.


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Danielle Cote, director of CMPD.
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