Minor in Philosophy and Religion


WPI’s minor in philosophy and religion allows exploration and analysis of key concepts and themes in the philosophical tradition and/or religious studies, such as the meaning and purposes of human life, the nature of justice, the philosophy of science and technology, pragmatism, feminism, metaphysics and epistemology, religious belief and identity, our relations with nature and animals, existentialism and phenomenology, and so on. Students may pursue this minor as a complement to their major field of study or independent of their major.

Value Proposition Description

A minor in philosophy and religion is complementary to many majors, including biomedical engineering or computer science, and provides students with an opportunity to reflect systematically and deeply about the nature of society as well as about their own values and beliefs.

This minor is open to any WPI student not majoring in Humanities & Arts with a concentration in philosophy. 


The minor in philosophy and religion requires completion of WPI’s regular Humanities & Arts six-course requirement plus an additional unit of work (three courses) in philosophy and religion, including a capstone course which must be completed last in the sequence. Coursework must include a minimum of one 3000-level course, a maximum of one 1000-level course, and a capstone experience. Course themes vary year to year but include such topics as bioethics, social and political philosophy, religion and culture, questions of evil and good, existentialism and phenomenology, philosophy of the environment, critical animal studies, capitalism and socialism, and others.

Application Process

If you’re interested in this minor, complete this application for the minor in philosophy and religion or pick one up in the Department of Humanities & Arts office. Minor applications require the review and approval of your academic advisor and a faculty member in the area of Philosophy and Religion.