Minor in Writing & Rhetoric


Value Proposition Description

No matter the situation, the ability to communicate well is essential. With a Writing & Rhetoric minor, you’ll learn how to most effectively express yourself and your ideas across a wide variety of platforms. The minor offers a wide variety of writing workshops ranging from expository prose to technical writing, as well as classes in rhetoric and visual design. Regardless of the classes you take, a minor in Writing & Rhetoric will help enhance your writing skills, giving you an edge when working toward your career goals.


To successfully earn a Writing & Rhetoric minor, you’ll be expected to complete two units of work divided into the following (see Undergraduate Catalog for more information and detailed course selection listings:

•    Core course of WR3112 Rhetorical Theory (1/3 unit)
•    Electives in Writing & Rhetoric (1-1/3 units)
•    Capstone course of WR 4111 Research Methods in Writing (1/3 unit)

In certain cases, you’ll be able to substitute WR 4111 with an independent study project. If permission for a substitution is granted, you’ll have to present a one-page proposal of your project for review.

Application Process

If you’re interested in applying for a Writing & Rhetoric minor, we recommend that you speak with the Director of Professional Writing to ensure that you’ll have room in your course load to fulfill all the requirements. The next step is to declare the minor in Workday.

Any WPI student is eligible for the Writing & Rhetoric minor, except for those majoring in Humanities & Arts with a concentration in Writing & Rhetoric.