Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program


The GoATeach (Go And Teach) Noyce Scholarship Program recruits and prepares WPI undergraduate students majoring in science, mathematics, and engineering disciplines to join the teaching profession at the secondary level to have high impact on STEM education.

Each Noyce Scholar can receive up to two years of scholarships in the amount of up to $20,000 per year during their junior and senior year. Every Noyce recipient commits to teaching in a high-need school district for two years per year of scholarship received within 8 years of graduation.

Noyce Scholars



Noyce Internships
(for 1st and 2nd year TPP students)

Noyce Scholarships
(for 3rd and 4th year TPP students)

Community Partners hosting a Noyce Intern

to work at their summer program:

Noyce Scholars, degree, teaching license:

  • Em Beeler (’22), Math BS, HS math
  • Pat McCarthy (’22), Physics BS, HS physics
  • Simon Rees (’23), Physics BS, HS physics
  • Dylan Shanes (’24), Comp Sci BS, HS Math

  • Allison Morin (’25), Chem BS, HS Chemistry

  • Demetrios Kennedy (’25), Chem BS, HS Chemistry

  • Joelis Velez Diaz (’24), Chem Eng BS, HS chemistry
  • Regina Valencia (’24), Aero Eng BS, tech/engineering



Application – Noyce Summer Internship (1st & 2nd year TPP students)
Application – Noyce Scholarship (3rd & 4th year TPP students)
Practicum Placement Schools of Noyce Scholars
  • Leominster High School, Leominster

  •  Doherty High School, Worcester

Schools with Noyce Professionals (WPI graduates)
  • Burncoat High School, Worcester



This NSF-funded Noyce grant also investigates how community-based teaching experiences and culturally responsive pedagogy training attract, prepare, and retain STEM undergraduates in secondary teaching in urban high-need school districts.

girls Inc

Early fieldwork or Pre-practicum experiences are intentionally designed to integrate the assets of the Worcester Community. Teacher Prep students volunteer or work at Worcester afterschool programs and they also facilitate hands-on STEM activities at our Community Partners.