WPI Plans for Fall Opening Latest Information

About WPI:

Worcester Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1865 to create and convey the latest science and engineering knowledge in ways that are most beneficial to society.

Today, WPI holds firm to its founding mission to provide an education that balances theory with practice, a philosophy symbolized by the towers of our two original buildings, pictured above.

WPI's 14 academic departments offer more than 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in science, engineering, technology, business, the social sciences, and the humanities and arts, leading to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

The university’s curriculum features a flexible, rigorous program that is project-based and globally engaged, aimed at quality experience and a positive impact for the communities it partners with. WPI faculty members—recently ranked top in the nation for quality and accessibility, as reported by the Wall Street Journal—work with students on interdisciplinary research seeking solutions to important and socially relevant problems, both on campus and at more than 50 project centers throughout the Americas, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

Graduate research programs include robotics, materials science, cyber security, and learning sciences and technology. WPI invests in research in critical areas, seeking solutions to important and socially relevant problems in such diverse fields as fire protection engineering, life sciences and bioengineering, energy, and data science.

Pre-Collegiate Outreach @ WPI:

The Office of Pre-collegiate Outreach Programs (POP) provides high-quality STEM programming to K-12 youth and their families - with a special emphasis on increasing interest and access for youth interested in STEM. Recently ranked in the top 10 by College Consensus for Pre-College Programs, WPI’s Pre-College Programs engage, excite, and inspire students interested in STEM.

We provide collaborative enrichment experiences that inspire exploration and discovery. Our programs highlight areas such as robotics, physics, video game design, music, computer science, the humanities and arts, and much more. No matter a student’s age, interest, or experience level, POP programs have something to offer. 

For more information regarding our programs and services, we invite you to explore our homepage here.

Directions to Campus:

For more information on how to get to and from campus, please visit our Coming to Campus Page with detailed directions on how to come to campus.

To access an interactive Map of Campus, please visit here

To access a Printable Map of Campus, please visit here.

Leave your map at home? No worries! The PCPD Host Conference Committee will have a play-play direction on how to get to and from campus and where to park during your time here for the annual conference via social media. Connect with the Office of Pre-Collegiate Outreach on Instagram and Facebook @WPIPOP.

Campus Tours:

Interested in learning more about your 2020 Host Institution? There will be three different campus tour options you can take advantage.

Group Tours: 

WPI’s Office of Admissions offers information sessions and tours to visitors. Tours will begin and depart from the Bartlett Center, located at the top of West Street. A tour is scheduled to take place. Visitors may opt to sign up here.

Self-Guided Tours:

Folx can visit the Bartlett Center on West Street and connect with our admissions staff and get a self-guided tour map. Maps are also available here.

Virtual Tour:

If you would like to explore before arriving to campus for the conference, you can access a virtual tour of campus here.