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Open learning with science, technology, and robots

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OpenSTEM—an initiative aimed at bringing inspiration and possibility to K-12 STEM education—equips educators with low-cost curricula, materials, and support that makes educational equity across the globe truly possible.

WPI has been inspiring and equipping the next generation of STEM leaders for more than 50 years. Through OpenSTEM, WPI will engage larger numbers and more diverse populations of young people in the STEM disciplines.

OpenSTEM products are adapted to meet different cultures and existing educational infrastructures. Its inaugural project—Experiential Robotics Platform (XRP)—was launched in July 2023, with more educational resources on the horizon.

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XRP Product Components

Robot Kits
Robot Kits
The XRP robot kits are designed to operate autonomously and perform basic tasks. Its simple, inexpensive, easy to build, and programmable, and comes with virtual support through online courses and free software updates.
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Online Educational Resources
Online Curriculum and Tutorials
Online Curriculum and Tutorials
As part of the XRP platform, WPI provides access to free online basic robotics-oriented curricula—including tutorials, courses, software updates, and other educational resources—to guide students and teachers through the new system.
Online Educational Resources
Online Community and Support
Online Community and Support
Online Community and Support
Educators, and students alike, can join a global professional learning community—an online, open source discussion forum. The simple, intuitive and trustworthy platform facilitates engaging chat and long-form discussions about the XRP.
Professional Learning Community
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To create the kinds of change that improve lives, it’s important for young students to develop a lifelong curiosity that keeps them asking questions, encouraged and nurtured by educators worldwide. This is the spark that ignited OpenSTEMleveraging the university's expertise and resources—to fuel strategic efforts to drive a future generation of game changers who will eventually help solve major problems around the globe.

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OpenSTEM inaugural project

XRP Now Available

Effective July 2023, the Experiential Robotics Platform (XRP)—an entry-level open-source robotics ecosystem intended to expand global participation in robotics, inspire future engineers, and serve as a springboard for STEM education—is now available for order. Designed to be accessible for everyone, the XRP includes a coding environment, hardware kit, and engaging online modules.

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For me, just as important as getting kids excited about STEM, we need to encourage them to dream big and to surround themselves with people that encourage and nurture that dream.
  • Winston "Wole" Soboyejo
  • Provost, WPI

Why WPI and OpenSTEM?

Who is WPI, and why are they able to create OpenSTEM?

WPI is the global pioneer and leader of project-based STEM education at the institutional level and is known for bringing innovation to K-12 STEM learning in order to:

  • Grow the STEM pipeline
  • Inspire and equip the next generation of STEM leaders
  • Support the educators who introduce students to STEM
  • Collaborate with global partners in their own communities 
Why is OpenSTEM necessary?

The global demand for this kind of talent is intense, and to help fill the pipelines that businesses—and our world—so clearly need, WPI is actively working to empower and encourage more students and teachers in STEM worldwide by helping other countries and underserved schools in the U.S. provide high-quality, accessible K-12 STEM education.

What kind of expertise and resources does WPI bring to this?

WPI has specialized graduate degree programs, international engagement through 50+ project centers on six continents, and strong partnerships with organizations who deliver STEM education locally.  And, for more than 50 years, WPI has shared its expertise, programming, resources, activities and support to help educators around the world customize and enhance their STEM educational systems with hands-on teaching. WPI’s approach to STEM education really brings the excitement for students by introducing projects that matter, working in teams to solve real problems, and providing innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Why does WPI’s leadership in global project-based learning matter to OpenSTEM?

WPI is able to do this work because our global presence in all parts of the world has fostered a network of relationships with people who share our commitment to empowering people everywhere to become problem-solving team players. Our approach is to understand the problems in the local context and share our expertise to help co-create solutions based on the local conditions with the communities they serve. As part of a global community that wants to change the world through STEM, our approach and solutions are adapted to each nation's particular culture, needs, and educational infrastructure.

What is the OpenSTEM difference?

Each OpenSTEM project is adaptable to meet different cultures and existing educational infrastructures and provides educators with inspiration, guidance, and support in three tangible ways:

  • Free Digital Content (Curricula, Tutorials, Resources)
  • Affordable Materials (Inexpensive and Sustainable Kits and Technologies)
  • Community Support (Online, Anytime)
Who benefits from OpenSTEM?

WPI is eager to work with educators everywhere—but especially those in other nations and underserved US schools—to enhance STEM education systems to produce future innovators and tech leaders who are empathetic, collaborative, and resourceful.

Is OpenSTEM for educators or students?

Both.  WPI’s distinctive expertise includes a purposeful and thoughtful approach to inspiring and supporting educators—mainly because students can’t progress without teachers who understand the latest developments, have the tools to convey the information to students, and are themselves excited by the material.

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