WPI students and alumni could become your greatest and most effective recruiting assets. The Career Development Center (CDC) can help you create short- and long-term hiring strategies that will create a positive impression of your company among WPI students.


Ideas for Attracting WPI Students

  • Offer Internships or Co-op Opportunities: Hiring interns or students to participate in co-op is a fantastic way to identify and train talent early. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) says that the conversion rate of interns to full-time hires is nearly 60%.
  • Campus Branding: Volunteer for educational programs, participate in panel discussions, share free pizza or cookouts with students during company information sessions, and be active in career fairs. The WPI CDC can work with you to create a plan and a schedule that matches your resource allocation abilities with current activity on campus.
  • Recruiting Top Talent: Find the best-fit talent for your organization, including bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD students from New England to around the globe. By getting involved with WPI, you may hire students who have teamwork skills and experience with corporate-sponsored research and design projects. You will find that WPI talent also has a natural tendency to work quickly and resourcefully to accomplish your team’s goals.

Become a CDC Sponsor

Capture the attention of faculty, staff, and students by becoming a Career Development Center sponsor. We offer various levels and benefit packages for your organization to gain branding value and access to a number of stakeholders at WPI.

To learn more, contact David Ortendahl, Director of Corporate Relations, at 508-831-5260.



Effective Campus Branding

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