Employer Branding


WPI students and alumni could become your greatest and most effective recruiting assets. The Career Development Center (CDC) can help you create short- and long-term hiring strategies that will create a positive impression of your company among WPI students.


Become a CDC Sponsor

Capture the attention of faculty, staff, and students by becoming a Career Development Center sponsor. We offer various levels and benefit packages for your organization to gain branding value and access to a number of stakeholders at WPI.

To learn more, contact Jaime Dillon, Associate Director, Employer Relations and Recruiting, at 508-831-5260 or jldillon@wpi.edu.




Additional Ideas for Attracting WPI Students

Reach out to Student Groups and Organizations

  • WPI has over 200 groups and organizations.  Click here to find the list of groups and organizations that may have a connection to the type of candidate you are seeking.  You can use the “search” option at the top of the club page to find organizations that may have a connection to your field.  After searching by a key word and finding a club/organization that aligns/supports your hiring needs, click on the corresponding link which will then bring you to the contact information for that club/organization.

Utilize Recent Alumni

  • If there are any alumni who work at your company, ask them if they are willing to assist with student outreach.  Many WPI Alumni stay connected to the school and may have connections or other resources that may be useful with increasing attendance at your event.

Actively Recruit

  • Post opportunities at you company on Handshake so students can learn more about the types of opportunities available.  Invite applicants to an event you are hosting or to stop by your career fair booth. 
  • Offer Internships or Co-op Opportunities:  Hiring interns or students to participate in co-op is a fantastic way to identify and train talent early. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) says that the conversion rate of interns to full-time hires is nearly 60%.


  • Volunteer for educational programs, panel discussions, and virtual events to help students with a range of job searching skills.  For a list of volunteer opportunities, check out our upcoming events or contact us to express interest. 

Advertise your Company Events

  • Create and send a flyer to our office for any on or off campus events you are hosting.  The flyer should contain some information about your company, the positions or the majors/skills you are seeking AND the date, time and location of your event.  The CDC marketing team will post these flyers around campus and on our social media pages.

Search Students in Handshake

  • Companies are eligible to search our students/alumni and their resumes in Handshake, as long as they have given permission to make their information public.  This feature will allow you to search students utilizing various filters, including major, GPA, and class year, to help you narrow down your candidate pool.  Invite any students you are interested in to an event you are hosting or to your table at the career fair!

Table Sit in Campus Center

  • Tabling in the Campus Center during the day allows you to meet students and personally invite them to an on or off campus event you might be hosting.  Have a sign-up sheet at your table to send out a reminder and to capture student contact information.

Effective Campus Branding

Still wondering how campus branding could work for your company? A recent article in our Employer Newsletter offers tips and advice about effective campus branding strategies.