How did you see the students change over the entirety of the project?

I have seen a significant change in almost every student as they transition from the beginning of the project to its completion. The amount of learning, contribution, and teamwork is enormous. Many of the students do not have any industry experience when taking the GQP capstone. This course helps all the students in a unique way to get industry experience while at school, and it is an exceptional opportunity provided to our students to work on real data sets and solve real problems in a real company. By the end of the semester, students think like experts in their GQP fields and the GQP experience helps them practice their professional presentation skills, publication skills, and how to perform professionally in a real work situation. I believe our GQP curriculum is not only essential to the students’ individual learning but allows them to hone their skills in applying their learning to real-world situations through collaboration, preparing them to undertake similar projects in their future careers. 

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