WPI & Manufacturing USA

Hot metal casting in Washburn Shops

WPI and Manufacturing USA:                                                             Research for American Manufacturing Growth

WPI is a member of 12 Manufacturing USA Innovation Institutes, or MIIs. Manufacturing USA connects industry, academia, and federal partners to solve advanced manufacturing challenges, and focuses on enhancing industrial competitiveness, increasing economic growth, and strengthening U.S. national security. 


We’re grateful to WPI for its participation as a partner in the manufacturing innovation institutes, which demonstrates both an impressive breadth of experience with advanced manufacturing research and a commitment to Manufacturing USA.
  • Mike Molnar, Director of the Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office


AFFOA transforms traditional fibers, yarns, and textiles into highly sophisticated integrated and networked devices and systems. WPI performs related research and education in component, system, and manufacturing process development in areas including but not limited to photonics, robotics, medical devices and printed electronics. This research enables and/or benefits from the integration of functionality into or onto fibers and textiles.


AIM Photonics 

In partnership with Quinsigamond Community College, WPI is advancing economic development in training and testbed locations through the Advanced Integrated Manufacturing in Photonics Institute. The LEAP @ WPI/QCC supports the integrated photonics manufacturing sector in central Massachusetts through an open-access facility and service center model.


America Makes

WPI partners with America Makes to advance additive manufacturing technology, education, and workforce development by leveraging expertise in materials processing, additive manufacturing, and feedstock research, covering both solid-state and fusion-based processes.



WPI is a participating member of the Advanced Robotics Manufacturing Institute. Through our Department of Robotics Engineering, WPI researchers are designing a new way to deploy robotics manufacturing.



 Biomedical Engineering is participating in the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute. WPI researchers are innovating in regenerative manufacturing.



The mission of BIOMADE is to scale production from engineered biological systems through research and workforce development. For years, the field of synthetic biology has expanded what is possible to make with biology, yet there is a gap between the proof-of-concept and marketable products. BIOMADE unites the academic and industrial synthetic biology community to fill this gap. As a leader in central Massachusetts biomanufacturing research and training, WPI is proud to align with these efforts. By partnering with BIOMADE, WPI will continue to realize the promise of the bioeconomy.



WPI is a participating member through the Center for Advanced Research in Drying. WPI researchers in the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute are innovating in clean energy and smart manufacturing.



WPI is a participating member in Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow. Through the Metal Processing Institute, WPI researchers are exploring lightweight and modern metals manufacturing. 



The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing and Biopharmaceuticals finds WPI researchers innovating in biopharma manufacturing. Participating members are the Biomanufacturing Education and Training Center and Biomedical Engineering.



The university has expertise in a wide range of research areas and technologies relevant to flexible hybrid electronics, including flexible optoelectronic materials and devices. 



WPI researchers are participating in the Institute of Rapid Advancement in Process Intensification Deployment. In work under the Center for Advanced Research in Drying​, WPI advances modular process intensification.



WPI researchers are exploring sustainable manufacturing in the Reducing Embodied-energy and Decreasing Emissions Institute. Our membership is under the Center for Resource Recovery and Recycling.

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For more information about WPI and Manufacturing USA institutes, contact Ellen Piccioli, Director of Manufacturing Innovation, Office of the Vice Provost for Research, at (508) 831-4947 or egpiccioli@wpi.edu.