I’m in a student organization and am trying to plan an event – how do I get access to book for my organization?

Access for student organizations is limited. The four core officers – president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer –qualify for access as long as they are correctly updated in TechSync before the beginning of each term. Student Activities supplies an updated report to the Events Office at that time.

In addition to those four officers, the president of each organization also has the opportunity to designate up to seven (7) additional people for each term. That form is emailed to the president listed on TechSync at the beginning of each term.

If you are among these qualified people, instructions will be sent at the beginning of the term for training videos and a quiz. You must correctly answer all questions on the quiz before access will be granted; you can take the quiz as many times as you need to in order to meet that requirement. Please allow up to three (3) business days after passing the quiz for your new access to take effect. There is no email notification that access has been granted – you can check the event form on 25Live; if you see more than two available options, your access has been processed.

If you qualify under more than one organization, you only need to complete this process once. It will be required each academic year if you remain in this position. The quiz and videos are updated each summer.

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